About Me

Originally from Romania, A’isha has explored many different types of dances before falling in love with belly dance in 2005. She has trained with local US instructors (Zada Al Gaziyeh, Zaina, Asha Diana), international teachers (Dina, Randa Kamel, Raqia Hassan, Aziza of Cairo, Lubna Emam, Luna of Cairo, Aleya of Cairo, Ozgen, Ahmed Hussien) and traveled extensively nationally and internationally to attend workshops taught by well-regarded teachers in Middle Eastern dancing, such as Camelia of Cairo, Oxana Bazaeva, Amani Jabril, Elena Lentini, Cassandra, and many others. Always looking to grow as a dancer A’isha still travels several times each year to study with master instructors in Oriental dance.

A’isha participated in several national and international belly dance competitions. Some of her most notable achievements include the renowned Belly Dancer of the Universe Competition in Los Angeles, where she won the first price in 2020 in the American Cabaret category, and the second place in 2021 in the Goddess category.

Before starting a solo career, she was part of the Lawrence-based troupe Raghsidad directed by Zada, with whom she performed for several years at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival and the KC Fringe Festival.

A’isha was the producer and star performer of the monthly show 1001 Arabian Nights, a staple of Kansas City’s performing arts scene between 2012 and 2020. The show, hosted by the Uptown Art Bar until 2018 and afterwards by the Davey’s Uptown Ramblers Club (Kansas City, MO) on the first Saturday of each month starting at 6 PM, was the longest-running belly dance show in Kansas City. She has also directed and co-directed several productions for the Kansas City Fringe Festival: “Belly Dance of the Fringe – A Cinderella Story” (2016), “Tales of the Desert” (2014), and produced the highly successful “A’isha’s Caravan of Dance” in 2019. She also performs regularly in local and national belly dance shows, fundraisers, art shows and private events. 

During her training, A’isha quickly realized that belly dance is much more than body movements. This dance is real, it belongs to a culture, performed by real people in their countries, in their homes, at parties or celebrations, and it’s done by everybody, men, women and children as their social dance. It has been enhanced and brought on a stage by pioneers of Oriental dance show business, such as Mahmoud Reda in Egypt, or Morocco in the US (and many others). Given its beauty and esthetics it’s no wonder that this art has spread quickly not only in the US and other Western countries, but on all continents.

Awards and achievements:

2020                     Belly Dancer of the Universe Competition. First Place and People’s Choice Award, American Cabaret category. Third runner-up Specialty Props category. Congeniality Award, Drum Solo category.

2021                    Belly Dancer of the Universe Competition. Second Place, Goddess category.

2021                    Cairo Shimmy Quake Improvisational Challenge. Third Place.

2020                    Show Bellydance Queen, International Bellydance Competition. The Best Emotions Award.

2020                    Golden Age Queen International Bellydance Competition. The Best Image Award.

2019                    Aini Ya Aini Belly Dance Festival, Valencia, Spain. Finalist, Folklore category.

2019                    Queen of the Prairie Belly Dance Festival. Second Place.

2018                    La Danse Orientale Belly Dance Competition. Third Place, Grand Diva category.

2018                    Queen of the Prairie Belly Dance Festival. Second Place.

Notable Performances:

2012 – 2020         Principal dancer, “1001 Arabian Nights” monthly show http://www.facebook.com/1001ArabianNightsKC

2019                     Star Performer, Grand Carnivale, Worlds of Fun, Kansas City, MO

2018                     Star Performer, Bellydance weekly show, Ruman Mediterranean Restaurant, Lenexa, KS

2016                     Troupe director, Bellydance on the Fringe: A Cinderella Story, KC Fringe Festival, Kansas City, MO

2016                     Gala Show soloist, Houston Oriental and Folklore Dance Festival, in Houston, TX.

2016                     Soloist (invited back) in theatrical belly dance production “Confessions of a belly dancer: Coming home” in Chicago, IL

2014                     Soloist at the “Tales of the Desert” show presented at the KC Fringe festival

2014                     Soloist in touring theatrical belly dance production “Confessions of a belly dancer” in Kansas City, MO http://confessionsofabellydancer.com

2009 – 2013       “Cairo on the Kaw” annual shows in Lawrence and at the KC Fringe Festival with troupe Raghsidad, as a troupe member and soloist

2009 – 2012       KC Renaissance Festival with troupe Raghsidad, as a troupe member and soloist


2012 – 2020   Producer of monthly belly dance show “1001 Arabian Nights” at Davey’s Uptown Ramblers Club, Kansas City, MO

2019                     Producer of show “A’isha’s Caravan of Dance,” Overland Park, KS

2016                     Co-Producer of show “Bellydance on the Fringe: A Cinderella Story” presented at the KC Fringe festival

2015                     Co-producer of the “Heart of America Festival and Competition”, Kansas City, KS

2014                     Producer of show “Tales of the Desert” presented at the KC Fringe festival

Contact: aishadancer@yahoo.com