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Looking to add dazzling fun and excitement to your party? Hire professional bellydancer A’isha for an engaging and elegant performance on your special day!
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“Dance is the hidden language of the soul” - Martha Graham

At the heart of belly dance

A’isha is an award-winning, professional Oriental-style belly dance performer and instructor in the Kansas City metro area. Coming from Romania, a country where East meets the West, A’isha proudly embraces her Romanian heritage. Her love for Middle-Eastern music and dance (also known as Raqs Sharki, by its Arabic name) goes beyond learning and performing; it fuels her desire to preserve and promote this art form, and to educate the public about belly dancing. Her favorite styles are Egyptian and American Cabaret, but she also loves to perform Turkish, Greek and Balkan folkloric dances. A’isha is the star performer and producer of the only monthly bellydance show in Kansas City – “1001 Arabian Nights,” at the Davey’s Uptown Ramblers Club, since 2012. She has also produced “Tales of the Desert” for the 2014 KC Fringe Festival, co-produced the 2015 “Heart of America Bellydance Festival and Competition” and co-produced the highly successful “Bellydance on the Fringe – A Cinderella Story” in 2016 as well as “A’isha’s Caravan of Dance” in 2019. A’isha’s remarkable performances have been enjoyed by US audiences from coast to coast, as well as in Europe and Egypt.

For her, dance is the gift of happiness and liveliness that she loves to share with her audience!

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