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My Teaching Philosophy

08 Apr, by Aisha in Life

I was thinking one day about my teaching philosophy and realized that my role as a belly dance teacher is to help each student find their own dance style and to guide them through this process. I’m merely providing the tools (such as technique, musicality,…

The Relationship between Music and Belly Dance

29 Jan, by Aisha in Life

I’ll probably bruise some egos here (including my own), but in belly dance music always comes first, and dance comes second. I’ll explain. The essential purpose of this dance genre is to interpret the music by using body movements, so that the body becomes an…

To Impress or to Express?

25 Dec, by Aisha in Life

“If you are an artist of any kind, you’ve probably faced this dilemma many times. Even more so if you are a performing artist or a live entertainer when sometimes you’ll need to decide on the spot. We, as belly dancers, are fortunate to be…